Software Development

  • Python 3 starstarstarstarstar
  • HTML/CSS starstarstarstarstar_border
  • C++ starstarstarstar_borderstar_border
  • Numerical computation and analysis with numpy, scipy, pandas
  • Plotting and visualization with matplotlib, bokeh, plotly
  • Dynamic dashboards with bokeh server, dash, grafana, kibana
  • Async, multi-thread and multi-process programming
  • SQL and NoSQL data sources
  • Version control using Git
  • Containerism with Docker
  • CI/CD pipelines
  • Linux, including BASH and AWK scripting

Data analysis, processing and visualisation

  • Timeseries analysis (regular and non-regular intervals)
  • Signal processing (Fourier domain filtering, convolution)
  • Working with large, multidimensional datasets
  • Numerical optimization of multidimensional models
  • Data modelling
  • Regression analysis


Software Developer since 2019

Akuna Capital, Sydney, Australia

  • Worked with a range of data sources, signals and models to develop applications for traders
  • Developed data analysis and visualisation tools for research
  • Converted research ideas into efficient production code

Geophysicist 2014-2019

DownUnder GeoSolutions, Perth, Australia

  • Signal processing of seismic data for the oil and gas exploration industry
  • Data analysis and interpretation of complex geophysical data sets
  • Time and depth processing of 2D and 3D marine datasets
  • Velocity model building via tomography and FWI
  • Signal filtering for removing noise and multiple components (TFDN, SRME, Radon)


Doctorate of Philosophy 2010-2014

The University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia

  • Dynamics of magnetic nanoparticle chain formation and its effects on proton transverse relaxivity

Professional Development

Data Science (Python Track) 2018